Design by sandra anderson • twisted tube skirt ( made by subtraction cutting method → link here ) • horizon gray top Photography by Henrietta Fuller ( Instagram: hettiesview ) Styling by Henrietta , Isobel and sandra Modeling by Isobel Davies ( Instagram: imfdinstagram )

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fluffy jumper aka punk

Design by sandra anderson (fluffy jumper aka punk ) Photography by Henrietta Fuller ( Instagram: hettiesview ) Styling by Henrietta , Isobel and sandra Modeling by Isobel Davies  ( Instagram: imfdinstagram ) • Carin Wester- Tight trousers in wool

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grey dorsal

Design by sandra anderson ( grey dorsal- oversized jumper and skirt) Photography by Henrietta Fuller; Instagram:hettiesview Styling by Henrietta ,Isobel and sandra Modeling by Isobel Davies; Instagram:imfdinstagram

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calico zen

  calico: “plain-woven textile made from unbleached and often not fully processed cotton.” zen: word which translate as “ meditation and contemplation” in my case this is the fashion world were I found my niche; by creating design which somehow is taking me to the zone were I found the remedy and strength … Design […]

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