collection № 2 // embracing simplicity

• collection № 2… …embracing simplicity all due to the fact that from the simple form I can create something what could leave this desire footprint…this is not selfishness or pride or getting memorable face…I just want to stay behind the form…I want my design to have the voice or influence others…thats why I like process […]

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· lilac striped grey dress ·

    Design by sandra anderson · lilac striped grey dress · Photography by sandra anderson Styling by Isobel and sandra Modeling by Isobel Davies ( Instagram: imfdinstagram ) Save

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kimono top

Design by sandra anderson • kimono top Photography by Henrietta Fuller ( Instagram: hettiesview ) Styling by Henrietta , Isobel and sandra Modeling by Isobel Davies  ( Instagram: imfdinstagram) • COS- Black top • Carin Wester- Tight trousers in wool    

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polar turtleneck and polar skirt

Design by sandra anderson • polar turtleneck • polar skirt Photography by Henrietta Fuller ( Instagram: hettiesview ) Styling by Henrietta ,Isobel and sandra Modeling by Isobel Davies ( Instagram: imfdinstagram )

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